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Under Construction

  As you can tell, we’re making some changes here on the website. All sorts of new features are coming, but in the meantime, feel free to browse the archives or get in touch with us for more info. 

James Mercer (The Shins) on Going Independent

  The Shins’ James Mercer was recently interviewed by Pitchfork regarding the bands line-up changes, new album and new self-owned label.  When they asked about why he is going to start releasing his music via his own label, he replied, “Because you get more money…I mean, it’s more work and it’s more headache and all...

John Doe on the Current State of the Music Industry: “You sort of deserve it.”

  The one-and-only John Doe was interviewed by the guys over at CNET on modern recording techniques, the price of music and file sharing. The whole thing is worth reading, but here is one of our favorite quotes: I don’t have the discipline or the organizational skills to have my own label but I take...

What’s In Your Contracts?

  The guys over at ArtistsHouse shared this article from indie-metal entrepreneur Wicked D on what band’s need to make sure the include in their contracts–not contracts with labels and promoters, mind you, but with one another.  He includes tips on copyright, business formation, and more, and as it’s not too long, we recommend taking...

5 Characteristics of Digitally Engaged Music Seekers

  Tom Ewing (on his always-enjoyable Freaky Trigger blog) has listed five shared characteristics of a group he has dubbed “Digitally Engaged Music Seekers” (DEMS for short).  The list was based on a simple twitter question: What’s your favourite current song and how did you first hear it?  Check out the full article here.

Gardening Your Way to More Fans

  On the always brilliant New Music Strategies blog this week, Andrew Dubber describes his new method for reaching “tastemakers and gatekeepers” with your music and, more specifically, with promotional copies of your music. His suggestion? Gardening. Learn more here. What do you think–is he on to something? (We think so.)

What Would You Add to This List?

  Christopher Carlson at the blog A Musician’s Journey is working on a document to track what DIY musician’s should be doing each week to promote their music, and how often they are doing doing it.  He’s asked for help to determine what categories would be most useful, and once he incorporates suggestions from readers,...

Stop by for Steve Albini’s words; stay for the comments

  Steve Albini created a fake ad for the Chicago Reader with some comments on Record Store Day and the importance of indie record stores.  It’s a fun read, but know that you will not get your money’s worth if you don’t check out the argument that is going on in the comments over record...

Generosity as Marketing Tool

  Thoughts from Hypebot on exceeding your fans’ expectations, inspired by Coldplay’s announcement of a few live album that they will be releasing in May.  It’s a small article, but it ends with a key question: “How are you exceeding your fans/customers/stakeholders expectations?” Read more here.

Listening @theflyingchange–br…

  Listening @theflyingchange–brilliant & unexpected alt-country that deserves more than a 140chr review: #followfriday

NPR on the history of the Boom…

  NPR on the history of the Boom Box, including commentary from @FABNEWYORK and some killer vintage photos

Origami – L.A.’s New Vinyl Specialty Shop

  I realize that old-school media loves to run stories on how “vinyl is back,” but they still make me smile–especially when they focus on indie music retailers. Read more about Echo Park’s new vinyl specialty shop Origami in this (surprisingly) accurate article from the LA Times (and the store is even co-owned by Mark...