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The Key to Success

The Key to Success

Several weeks back, the New York Times published an article titled, "Is This the Time to Chase a Career Dream?" As you can probably determine from the title, it is one of the seemingly-endless economic crisis articles that basically says that the lemonade to be made from this (large) financial lemon comes in the form...

Smackdown: Music Is My Day Job vs. Digital Music News

In "The DIY Utopia," Digital Music News editor Paul Resnikoff takes on the idea that independent artists can earn a living from being a full-time musician. I do not mind that he is asking questions about the economic viability of the do-it-yourself model, nor do I take specific issue with his reluctance to make...

Smackdown: Music Is My Day Job vs. The Huffington Post

Mike McCready's essay for the Huffington Post on the future of the music industry demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the opportunities and possibilities that artists now have access to: you don't need mass exposure, and you don't need the support of a major label. Build your tribe and create your own success.