Yesterday, Digg finally posted their much-anticipated interview with the forward-thinking artist Trent Reznor.  The questions were all written and voted-on by Digg users, and (happily, for us) the bulk of the discussion revolves around new music business models and includes very detailed advice on how music artists can use technology to connect with both fans and potential fans.

In the first twenty minutes alone, he discusses new music business models, using scarcity to drive demand, suggestions for digital distribution through Topspin and much more.  Even when the interview delves in to fans-only territory (favorite video games, etc), Reznor provides insight into diversifying your revenue stream and life as a professional musician.  At 40 minutes long, it may seem like quite the commitment to watch, but we consider this essential viewing for any MusicIsMyDayJob reader.

(note that this is the entire 40 minute interview–if you only want to watch Reznor’s replies to specific questions, go here)

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