This past week on MusicIsMyDayJob, we looked at ways to determine who your audience is and how best to reach that audience, even when starting from scratch. Don’t miss our other articles in the series, including determining who your audience is, and using Social Networks , Twitter, YouTube and Old School Marketing to find your audience. Remember, somebody wants to hear your music!

Over the last week, we have looked at ways to find your audience, and the feedback was phenomenal, both in terms of appreciation and in terms of suggestions for additional ways to find your audience.

Here, we feature some of the top reader suggestions that apply to our general readership.  Note that we did receive many recommendations regarding specific blogs and internet radio stations that appeal to very, very specific niche’s of music, but we have excluded those for this general article.  (If you want to know what the specific suggestions were for a given genre or music style, just let us know!).

Now, without further ado, more techniques and resources to help you find your audience, as recommended by you, our readers:

  • From @FictionistNoise on Twitter: “Do you know yet? We really like it. They make music discovery into a fun (and addictive!) game.” We agree–it’s a great resource with all sorts of social media tie-ins (including integration your Facebook page), and you can not only upload your music, but also discover a ton of great new music in multiple genres or for any mood.

  • Several readers recommended While American readers may not be familiar with the service (yet–they are just beginning their publicity campaign here), it has become very popular in Europe–according to the company, “To date 29 Artists from 12 different countries have raised the full $50,000 and over $2,200,000 has been invested in unsigned artists.” Basically, you upload your music and fans can not only vote for you, but also invest in your new album. Once you get to $50k, you have the opportunity to go into a studio with one of various top producers to record your new album!
  • Several readers also recommended VolumeVote.  Each day, the guys at VolumeVote share a new MP3 for you to stream or download, and they are always looking for new tracks. If you own the rights to your music and want to share it with few thousand potential new fans, then contact them today! (You can also follow along on Twitter)
  • Two different artists wrote (anonymously) to say that they have found a lot of success using local print publications (specifically, community newspapers and newsletters) to connect with potential new fans. These publications are generally much cheaper than the local Weekly or more traditional newspaper, and the people who do read these publications read every word, especially with regards to upcoming community events. As they were anonymous, we can’t guarantee that it wasn’t some publisher of these newsletters, but we still think that it’s a great idea, so try it out and let us know what happens!
  • A new way to find indie bands on Twitter begins this Wednesday (April 8th) with #followanindiebandwednesday.  Basically, it’s a way to get Twitter users to focus on indie artists, allowing artists to connect with fans and vice-versa. This is a grass-roots effort (not any sort of official Twitter initiative), so everyone should do their part to help this become even more popular than #followfriday! Get all of the details here and spread the word.

Comments? Thoughts? More suggestions? Share in the comments below or via Twitter.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more articles and useful goodness for independent musicians.  Too much trouble to remember? Subscribe to MusicIsMyDayJob via RSS or email and let us remember for you.

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