Read a good book lately?

In our Musician’s Library features, we highlight books, articles and essays that can help musicians as they strive to earn a living from their music. Today, we feature some of our favorite recent online articles that we think you should consider adding to your library (virtual as it may be)…

  • The brilliant kids over at Music Think Tank published an essential article on how to set up “a corporation for your band / music-related business.” Not only does this article do an excellent job of explaining the legal ins-and-outs of reporting and distributing the money you earn as a musician or music-related entity, but they also provide templates that you can download and customize to your particular situation. More here.
  • Those same brilliant kids also published an excellent overview of how you as an independent artist can use Last.FM to spread the word about your music. Read it here.
  • Buzzsonic roamed around the web collecting essential PDFs that will make you an expert on using Social Media. They’ve done the work so you don’t have to, so take advantage of it!
  • We linked to this one in a recent article, but we’re posting the link again, as Hypebot‘s explanation of how musicians should be using Facebook is a must-read.
  • This article from is about newspapers, but a lot of the points it presents can be applied directly to modern musicians and record labels. Worth pondering…
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