As many of you are aware, MySpace released some new features in the MySpace Music section of their website this week, some geared at musicians, and others directed towards music fans.

Overall, it was definitely a much needed step in the right direction, though it is still far from perfect. Here is our breakdown (insert Ennio Morricone’s classic theme here):

The Good

  • Users can now create playlists and publish them all over the web–whether on blogs or other social networks
  • Users can send these playlists to MySpace friends
  • Artists can now upload up to 10 songs on their profile page (formerly, six was the limit)

The Bad

  • Lots of bugs, some due to different browsers, some due to the MySpace’s programming
  • (In fact, the lists that I built Monday & Tuesday of this week have now vanished due to some random system error! The error message I received upon logging in this morning did not specify what had happened–it just confirmed that it happened.)
  • Users can only feature one playlist on their Music Profile page, and these playlists are not automatically featured on their regular profiles.  So, if users want to put the playlist on their MySpace page, they have to click on the “Share” button just like they would to share it on Facebook or anywhere else.

The Ugly

  • It is still MySpace–ads are plentiful and as intrusive as ever
  • There are no obvious benefits over competitors such as imeem, iLike, MOG and others, other than MySpace’s large user base. In fact, most of the features of MySpace Music are more elegantly implemented on other services
  • MySpace Music still feels very separate from the other parts of MySpace, and as it does not do anything that the other music-based social networks do, I’m not sure what the benefits of using it above the other services actually are

Ultimately, as an artist, if MySpace is an intricate part of your online presence, than you should definitely play with these new features and determine how best to incorporate them into what you are already doing there (and there is no reason that every single artists should not be taking advantage of the increased song limit to let people discover your music). However, if you are not already making MySpace an intricate part of your day-to-day efforts to connect with fans, these new features are no reason to reconsider your strategy.

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