As you know, we were #notatsxsw this year, but here are some of our favorite articles and recaps from people who did actually attend:

  • Our favorite has to be Mike Rhode’s Sketchnotes , 70 pages of annotated drawings he made while attending various SXSW panels. Best. Notes. Ever. (via ReadWriteWeb)
  • Alisa Hansen posted some of her top social media lessons on the Great Finds blog. Find them here.
  • The Future of Music Coalition posted their thoughts on SXSW 2009 and where it seems the music industry is heading, as well as some of their favorite articles on their blog
  • Viral media genius Mack Collier posted several articles on his experiences and lessons at SXSWi, including an excellent recap of Kathy Sierra’s address on Change Your World in 50 Minutes: Making Breakthroughs Happen. Check his articles out here , here and here
  • Via their Epicenter blog, Wired covered more panels, announcements and tech than just about anyone. In particular, check out their review of the new LoudCrowd social music game and their recap of the panel that debated whether or not artists should be paid for radio airplay
  • Sonicbids’ Panos Panay has posted several blog entries about his SXSW experience. Most importantly for our readers, here is his recap on the much-discussed Artists As Entrepreneurs panel
  • Maybe not your first go-to site for SXSW coverage, you can alwasy count on the New York Times for an interested article or two about the event. Here is their look at how the Internet is changing the way artists use SXSW, and here is their recap of the entire festival. An excellent slide-show can also be found here.
  • The one and only Martin Atkins (P.I.L., Killing Joke, Pigface, etc) posted this article in anticipation of his SXSW presentation.  In his words, for musicians, “FREE IS THE NEW BLACK!”

UPDATE 25 March 09: Lots of great suggestions have come in, so here are a few more recommended SXSW recaps and articles:

As before, those are some of our favorite articles and recaps from SXSW 2009–what about yours? Please share via Twitter or by leaving a comment below.

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