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Ghostbusters and the Modern Musician, part I (Keymasters & Gatekeepers)

Ghostbusters and the Modern Musician, part I (Keymasters & Gatekeepers)

I have been thinking a lot about Ghostbusters lately, and the more that I think about it, the more that I believe that there is a lot that independent musicians can learn from the film. Seriously! Thus, our new series: Ghostbusters and The Modern Musician. Today, we examine one of the film's key...

Gardening Your Way to More Fans

  On the always brilliant New Music Strategies blog this week, Andrew Dubber describes his new method for reaching “tastemakers and gatekeepers” with your music and, more specifically, with promotional copies of your music. His suggestion? Gardening. Learn more here. What do you think–is he on to something? (We think so.)