In our Musician’s Library features, we highlight books, articles and essays that can help musicians as they strive to earn a living from their music. Today, we feature some of our favorite articles from around the web that you should consider adding to your library (virtual as that library may be)…

(NOTE: We were not actually going to post a musician’s library feature today, but we couldn’t not share these essential articles–enjoy!)

  • David Rose at has posted a list of 10 Online Music Marketing Priorities, recapping a recent panel he participated in. We would add a step between numbers 1 and 2 on “Identifying your fans,” but, otherwise, we recommend you read the entire list, as well as the resource list at the end, taking notes!
  • We Are Hunted is a new online music chart that pulls info from P2P, Social Media, music blogs and more to determine the most popular tracks and artists each day. Click on through and waste a few hours (via Idolator)
  • James Reed at has published an essential in-depth look at how different artists are implementing fan-supported models to not just release new music, but earn a comfortable living doing so. From the article:

    I personally think unless you need massive radio airplay, there’s very little reason for record labels to engage with artists anymore…It’s a relic of the past in that artists today can find other ways to get to the market, to get money, to distribute their product in a way where they have a lot more control.

    Read more here.

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