In our Musician’s Library features, we highlight books, articles and essays that can help musicians as they strive to earn a living from their music. Today, we feature some of our favorite articles from around the web that you should consider adding to your library (virtual as that library may be)…

  • As we have previously highlighted articles on Josh Freese’s unique album packages, we wanted to be sure you caught this interview with Josh about those packages from Indie 103.1 (via Hypebot–thanks guys!)
  • Somehow, between gigs and band practice, Cameron Mizell from has found the time to churn out some must-read articles over the last few days.  Here are his tips for musicians looking to effectively create an online presence, and here are his tips for dealing with the challenges that are intrinsic to leading a band. Keep ‘em coming, Cameron!
  • Our UK friends over at have interviewed 40+ artists, entrepreneurs, academics and others on the Creative Economy and its evolution in the wake of the current economic melt-down.  The book is free, though you do have to register (we registered, and thus far, we have not received any spam from them!).  You can also read some excerpts here.
  • I have nothing good to say about Congressman Jim Cooper’s editorial for Nashville’s The City Paper–to me, it looks like a blatant plea for campaign donations from the RIAA–but it’s good to know both sides of a story, as confused and anachronistic as one may be, right?
  • The best thing only good thing about the Swine Flu epidemic? Amazing new ambient music! Experimental artist Stephan Zielinski sequenced the flu’s genetic code, and then translated that into music! You can visit his blog to both download the track and find out more about how he did. The end of the world never sounded so great! (via Idolator)

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